Can You Inject Crack Cocaine to Get High?

The rush of good feelings associated with most substances is a crucial factor that promotes their widespread, continuous use. This perceived ecstasy stems from these substances’ ability to alter the normal nervous system functions. Often, the substances act by flooding the brain with neurotransmitters such as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), dopamine, or serotonin. With these chemical messengers present at high levels in the brain, one experiences a sudden, pleasurable high.

Although continuous use is key to reinforcing these initial, temporal changes in the brain, the preferred route adopted in using a substance is also essential. In comparison to snorting and swallowing, smoking or injecting drugs creates an instantaneous high. Additionally, different routes of use also influence how soon one becomes tolerant of or dependent on a substance. When tolerance or dependence sets in, the substance will have to be taken in increasing quantities to attain and preserve the initial magnitude of high or ecstasy.

Can You Inject Crack Cocaine to Get High?

About Crack Cocaine and Intravenous Use

Crack Cocaine is a widely consumed, cheaper alternative to pure cocaine, so addicted individuals will often try to inject the drug intravenously. In addition to Cocaine, Crack Cocaine contains baking soda. This mixture is often boiled in water and cooled into small lumps. Crack Cocaine is quite different from pure Cocaine, which is a powdery white substance because of this treatment. The drug comes in different colors, including white, cream, tan, and brown.

Crack Cocaine is a popular stimulant. In the brain, the drug elicits excitement by blocking dopamine’s reuptake after its release from neurons. Hallucinations, sexual arousal, and boldness have also been linked with Crack cocaine abuse.

Injecting Crack Cocaine to Get High

Smoking may be the most common route to consuming Crack Cocaine; however, it is not the only one. There have been reports of individuals injecting diluted Crack Cocaine directly into the bloodstream. Injecting Crack Cocaine creates an almost instantaneous high, just like smoking the drug. Consequently, people who inject the drug are not immune to its potent addictive property. Additional risks are also created by the solvent used in dissolving Crack Cocaine and the possibility of becoming exposed to chronic infectious diseases from sharing syringes.

Find Help for Crack Cocaine Abuse With Rehab

Crack Cocaine dependence can affect anyone regardless of their age, gender, or educational status. If you or your loved ones struggle with the use of Crack Cocaine, there is no need to feel ashamed or reluctant to seek support. Discrimination and ridicule may be a common challenge faced by most Crack Cocaine-dependent people. However, addiction treatment centers provide an enabling stigma-free setting for quitting Crack Cocaine use.

At NJ Addiction Resources, we prioritize excellent service delivery and client satisfaction. Consequently, our Recovery Advocates consider our clients’ unique struggles and challenges when leading them to our high-quality recommendations. Irrespective of the route you have used over the past years or months to take Crack Cocaine, we can help you find evidence-based support. Please, reach out to our Addiction Professionals to book your first appointment and commence your journey to sobriety.

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