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Addiction Resource Overview

Absolute Awakenings is a client-oriented drug and alcohol rehab center in New Jersey with recovery specialists who are committed to removing barriers to addiction treatment. As everyone struggles with chemical dependence differently, treatment professionals use an initial assessment to provide evidence-based treatment. Absolute Awakenings also helps clients to navigate the nuances of financing treatment for chemical dependence. In addition to accepting a broad range of insurance plans, the center provides high-quality care in a comfortable facility. Some of the treatment programs at Absolute Awakenings include residential detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and partial hospitalization. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your struggle with drugs, Absolute Awakenings can help you achieve and sustain sobriety.

About Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center in Morris Plains, NJ

Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center in Morris Plains, NJ was established with the sole mission of providing support for long-term recovery. For individuals who struggle with chemical dependence and alcoholism, professional treatment is indispensable to mitigate and reverse the effects of drug abuse. Addiction specialists at Absolute Awakenings understand that recovery is not a one size fits all approach. Therefore, clients who commit to the facility will have their own unique, individualized experience. Recognizing that cost is a major barrier to effective treatment, Absolute Awakenings accepts a broad range of insurance plans from clients. This ensures that you receive high-quality care that is affordable and worth every cent.

Why Choose Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center

Everyone struggles with chemical dependence differently. Thus, the programs at Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center are designed specifically for each client based on an initial assessment. These programs range from residential treatment to flexible options such as partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs. For example, if a client needs a high level of care with 24/7 medical support, residential treatment is the best option. On the other hand, clients who have responsibilities or less severe chemical dependence may go through partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment.

Chemical dependence rarely occurs in isolation. Some mental health issues cause or worsen the struggle with substance addiction. Absolute Awakenings offers treatment for co-occurring disorders as well. No matter the circumstances, there is an option that can help you get the best from recovery specialists at the center.

Furthermore, Absolute Awakenings New Jersey is committed to making sure that cost is not a barrier to professional help. For clients whose insurance cannot cover treatment, the center also offers tips on how to secure financial assistance such as fundraising, employee assistance programs, and loans. Recovery advocates at Absolute Awakenings will help you navigate the nuances of paying for rehab.

Even with the right treatment, adequate finance, and personal commitment, the recovery environment plays a major factor in sustained recovery. The facility at Absolute Awakenings offers many amenities and resources to help treat chemical dependence. These include a lounge, study area, tailored diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, etc.

Are you ready to take the next step in recovery? Do you have any questions or concerns about financial options, treatment programs, or specific needs for drug rehab? Contact recovery advocates at Absolute Awakenings today.

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