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Chemical dependence disproportionately affects many men in New Jersey who are also less likely to seek help and tough out their problems. This does not have to be. The length of addiction treatment depends on the individual’s needs. However, for most men, plunging into real-life immediately after treatment is a scary ordeal. Thus, it makes sense to transition at a sober living home free from distractions and triggers from the past.

Is Cambridge Recovery Estates a Good Recovery Home?

A sober living home acts as a bridge between residential addiction treatment and real life. It is a place where individuals in recovery can transition as they learn to take on more responsibilities without resorting to drugs. Cambridge Recovery Estates in Flanders, New Jersey is a sober living home committed to helping men recover in a safe and supportive environment. At this home, recovery specialists aid a smooth transition into a fulfilling and independent life of sobriety.

Cambridge Recovery offers affordable transitional space for men. The home is open to men who are committed to overcoming dependence on alcohol or drug. Red Maple House is the first sober living home managed by Cambridge Recovery Estates. Cambridge Recovery Estates is a member of the New Jersey Alliance of Recovery Residences. Thus, the home is equipped and licensed to meet the physical, emotional, medical, and spiritual needs of men who transition there.

About Red Maple House in Cambridge Recovery Estates

Unlike typical sober living homes with an overbearing mode of living, Red Maple House from the Cambridge Estates is designed to be comfortable and supportive. The home is essentially a community of men overcoming chemical dependence and learning from each other’s experiences.

Men are typically taught to tough things out and be independent at an early age. Thus, treatment in residential programs is typically designed to change this perspective. Red Maple House sustains this progress by placing less emphasis on personal responsibility and goals, all of which are potential stressors. Instead, the home is an emotionally safe environment where residents draw strength from each other and learn from personal experiences.

Furthermore, Red Maple House at the Cambridge Recovery Estates provides a range of amenities to make sure every resident’s stay is as comfortable as possible. These include Xbox Gaming systems, High-Speed Internet, Gym Membership, Pool Table, etc. Besides, the home sports a fully equipped kitchen, flat-screen TV, and laundry equipment. Overall, your stay at Red Maple House will be like no other.

Why You Should Choose Cambridge Recovery Estates in Flanders, NJ

In the same vein, staying at Red Maple House will provide access to peers, drug-free social life, and support network, different from former associations. Likewise, the house facilitates transition into education, employment, and family reunification.

While Red Maple House does not provide clinical support, Cambridge Recovery has relationships with leading clinical recovery programs and professionals in the area. There is no conflict of interest because referrals are based on specific recovery needs.

Are you ready to take the next step in recovery? Call Cambridge Recovery Estates in Flanders, NJ to learn more about their transitional living residences.

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