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Addiction Resource Overview

Recovery specialists at the Center for Network Therapy believe that addiction is a chronic disease, not necessarily a behavioral issue, which can be treated in an outpatient treatment program setting. Treatment for other chronic diseases such as diabetes is usually provided in an outpatient setting while most acute-phase treatment programs mostly use the outmoded inpatient model.

One of CNT’s goals is to help clients remove the stigma that is associated with inpatient treatment. At the Center for Network Therapy, clients do not have to give up their role in the family or job to get the treatment they deserve. The center provides outpatient access to ambulatory detoxification, outpatient withdrawal management, and anesthetic withdrawal for drugs. They also have established protocols for Methadone detox, Suboxone detox, Subutex detox, and Buprenorphine detox to help clients taper off as they recover.

About the Center for Network Therapy in New Jersey

Dr. Indra Cidambi founded The Center for Network Therapy to make addiction treatment more accessible and effective in an outpatient setting. The result is addiction treatment that is congruent with the disease model. She also pioneered the Ambulatory Detoxification and Outpatient Withdrawal Management model for all substances. This cutting-edge addiction treatment model delivers better outcomes and reduces the stigma associated with addiction.

The ultimate goal of the Center for Network Therapy Drug Rehab is to stop the revolving addiction treatment door due to inpatient treatment. The inpatient model does not deliver optimal results because it did not integrate the patient’s living environment into treatment. Also, the skills learned in treatment were not useful to the patient in real life after they leave an inpatient program. Consequently, patients often relapse, causing them to seek treatment multiple times a year. That is the revolving addiction treatment door.

Why Choose Center for Network Therapy NJ

CNT’s outpatient detoxification and withdrawal management model allows the integration of the home environment at the beginning of treatment itself. Therefore, if the relapse prevention or coping skills learned in a session do not work well at home, patients can easily work with their recovery specialists to make the necessary adjustments.

Furthermore, by accessing all levels of care on an outpatient basis, CNT’s rehab clinics help clients constrained by home or work responsibilities to get help for chemical dependence. This is especially useful to parents and high functioning individuals with professional responsibilities that need to be fulfilled daily. If you or your loved one does not have the luxury of going away for treatment, then the Center for Network Therapy NJ is a perfect fit.

The Center for Network Therapy New Jersey has demonstrated that its treatment modalities deliver better outcomes compared to inpatient treatment. In a study, clients who committed to CNT’s ambulatory detox had more than 90 days of sobriety post-treatment. This is far higher relative to similar inpatient detoxification programs.

The Center for Network Therapy in Middlesex, NJ has achieved in-network status with all major health insurance providers in New Jersey. Clients who commit to the center benefit from the lowest possible out-of-pocket expenses; deductibles oftentimes do not apply, and co-pays are minimal. Thus, many health insurance providers credentialed CNT’s programs. These include Aetna, AmeriHealth, Beacon Health, Cigna, MagnaCare, Medicaid, Oscar, QualCare, among others. The Center for Network Therapy NJ is also in-network with Emblem GHI, Humana, and Veterans Community Care Network.

There is no better time to seek help for your addiction problem than now, so reach out for more information about these treatment programs.

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