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Addiction Resource Overview

Getting treatment for addiction is typically challenging for everyone regardless of age or gender. Nevertheless, empirical evidence suggests that men often draw the short stick in the struggle with chemical dependence. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), males over the age of 12 are twice more likely to abuse substances than females. This data does not downplay the struggle women and younger people face with drugs. Instead, it exposes quite a lot about the perceived and real barriers to treatment faced by men.


The Daytop Men Halfway House in Pittsgrove is a center where chemically dependent men can get quality care as they transition from residential treatment to the real world. The center is perfect for New Jersey residents seeking to maintain lasting sobriety as they slowly ease into handling real-life responsibilities.

About Daytop in Pittsgrove, New Jersey

Contrary to societal opinion, men and alcohol do not mix well. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), about half of all intimate partner violence stems from alcohol or drug abuse. The Daytop Halfway House offers clinically-driven centered care to help men transition from treatment back into living normal lives.

At the Daytop Pittsgrove NJ facility, recovery specialists will help you develop coping skills for stress management and relapse prevention. Furthermore, the halfway house collaborates with community partners to offer employment opportunities during this transition phase. The ultimate goal is to provide access to healthy living, restore hope, and improve the quality of their lives.

Why Choose Daytop Men’s Men Halfway House in Pittsgrove, NJ

Usually, an individual completes the first phase of treatment in a residential facility. Then, they transition to an outpatient model. However, not everyone is ready to take that plunge into their former environment. This might be a personal decision or based on professional recommendations. Nevertheless, it is worth it.

Typically, male bravado discourages men from seeking help or admitting to their loved ones that they need help. And many men think that seeking treatment may indicate a personal sign of weakness or moral failing. This is invalid and the staff at the Pittsgrove Halfway House understand this. They are qualified and passionate people who understand the challenges you face. Thus, you can expect that while you transition, your stay will be comfortable.

Furthermore, men are more likely to be referred to treatment through the criminal justice system than through a mental health provider. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that your past due to chemical dependence is not a barrier. The halfway house at Pittsgrove is a place where you can be vulnerable yet safe. It is a community knitted through trust and confidentiality. Everyone is there because they want to grow together.

As part of the experience, clients will also be encouraged to pursue their professional or academic aspirations. This makes perfect sense since it will help build their sense of fulfillment. For over 25 years, clients who sought treatment at the Daytop Pittsgrove New Jersey location have gone on to live fulfilling lives. You can too. Are you ready to take the next step in recovery? Call our recovery advocates around the clock for confidential help.

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