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Addiction Resource Overview

As substance misuse becomes even more prevalent in recent years, the need for highly professional and intensive rehabilitation treatment increasingly becomes paramount. The reason for this is to help chemically-dependent individuals claim back their lives and be productive again in society before addiction costs them everything. In some cases, these individuals may also be dual-diagnosed, having a co-occurring mental issue with substance addiction. Therefore, facilities like New Life Medical Addiction Services have been established and have evolved to deliver the optimal recovery treatment for regaining sobriety and mental wellness.

About the New Life Addiction Services Center

New Life Medical Addiction Services in Marlton, NJ is a licensed drug and alcohol outpatient detox and rehabilitation treatment center. The facility utilizes modern medical interventions combined with therapy and counseling to help individuals diagnosed with substance misuse and any accompanying mental health issues. Since established in 2018, the center has grown to become South Jersey’s premier outpatient detox and rehab clinic, offering extensive recovery care to clients.

New Life Medical Addiction Treatment Program is accredited by several American health authorization bodies and belongs to numerous medical associations, proving their quality of medical addiction services. For example, the facility is licensed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The center also belongs on the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM), the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), and several other similar medical bodies.

Staff at New Life Medical Addiction Services are highly trained and skilled in the latest medical approaches. They include medical directors, physicians, and support staff who fully dedicate their knowledge and expertise to seeing clients recover safely. One of the co-founders and a medical director at the center, Dr. Joseph Savon, was named the New Jersey Top Doctor for 2019. He is also certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine in the subspecialty of Addiction Medicine, an accomplishment only awarded to few physicians nationwide.

Program Outline at New Life Medical Addiction Services

Treatment programs provided at Marlton, NJ New Life Medical Addiction Services are innovative yet client-focused. Staff at the facility commit to personal growth, equality in treatment, and collaboration with clients and their loved ones to create a supportive environment for healing. After a comprehensive initial assessment, chemically-dependent individuals are placed in the appropriate level of care offered at the center. This placement is based on the severity of symptoms experienced by the individual, daily functioning, and personal preferences.

The recovery plans offered are classified into intensive and general outpatient services. The main difference between both programs is that intensive outpatient requires more hours of programming than general outpatient. Both recovery plans are flexible as they allow clients to work or school while receiving treatment. This feature is what distinctly sets apart outpatient care from residential treatment. However, if a client requires far more intensive care than can be provided at the facility, the individual is referred to other facilities to get the best treatment.

Services offered during programming at New Life Medical Addiction Services Marlton NJ at any level involve individual and group therapy, family counseling, psychiatric evaluations, co-occurring and mental health services, and relapse prevention education. Others are drug and alcohol testing, medication-assisted treatment, case management services, and aftercare planning. Please contact the center through any of the above helplines for further inquiries on services offered, payment platforms and insurance coverage, or allowance for special needs.

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