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Addiction Resource Overview

The abuse of opioids or opioid dependence is ranked as one of the most reported substance addiction cases. Americans typically use prescription opiates like tramadol for providing pain relief. However, due to the highly addictive nature of opioids, individuals tend to become dependent on them. Some may even begin to take more potent opioids like illegal heroin to satisfy the urge for the drug. Only with proper rehabilitation can such individuals hope to regain sobriety. Thus, recovery centers like Spectrum Health Care provide outpatient services to promote individuals becoming sober again. An outpatient program’s benefits include proximity to loved ones and an easy transition to work or school.

About Spectrum Health in Jersey City, NJ

Spectrum Health Care is a private, not-for-profit, licensed substance rehabilitation agency located in Jersey City. The center chiefly provides treatment services to chemically-dependent individuals under an outpatient program. The mission at the facility is to make complete opioid therapy available to those who seek it. Recovering individuals can attend school, go to work, and maintain everyday responsibilities in families and communities while in recovery. At Spectrum Health in Jersey City, committed and qualified staff provide complete care to meet clients’ challenges, needs, and treatment goals.

Why Choose Spectrum Health Care?

Several services are provided to ensure healing at Spectrum Health Care. These include detoxification, individual and group counseling, drug screening, and dual diagnosis treatment. Treatment programs at the center are medically sound and evidence-based practices concerning recovering from opioid dependence. They are also personalized to the client to meet their treatment goals for optimum healing. Detox is offered with methadone maintenance at Spectrum Health Care in Jersey City, New Jersey. This usually spans for about 30 days. Detoxification helps the body recalibrate after the removal of the accumulated toxins due to opioid abuse. Spectrum Health Care uses medications like methadone or buprenorphine to aid this recovery and to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Professional substance abuse and mental health counselors at the center lead group and individual counseling. Counseling helps the individual regain confidence, which may have been lost due to opioid dependence. In the group setting, individuals share personal experiences to encourage one another. Recovering individuals also learn helpful techniques such as refusal skills and trigger management skills. The skills help them to maintain sobriety and continue in recovery. Furthermore, clients receive proper relapse education to help them avoid relapse situations. Individuals also learn how to cope and get back on track if relapse does occur without developing unhealthy perceptions.

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Dual diagnosis treatment is provided to help with co-occurring addictions. These are the cases where an individual is diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder and a mental health disorder. Therefore, mental health care is provided together with Jersey City Spectrum Health Care for a complete recovery. This simultaneous treatment amplifies healing and minimizes relapsing since both diseases are often inter-dependent. Also, Spectrum Health performs drug screening by urinalysis. This screening ensures that medications are taken regularly and at recommended dosages. Spectrum Health Care also offers family counseling and give referrals for recovery support services.

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