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Addiction Resource Overview

Summit Behavioral Health treats substance addiction and mental health in outpatient programs. People who seek help at the center quickly find out that their treatment is structured to address the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that underlie addiction. They also use a low client-to-staff ratio to ensure each person receives the personalized attention they deserve.

At Summit Behavioral Health, therapists will help you understand that recovery is within reach, regardless of your situation. The compassionate staff will be there every step of the way. You will never be alone as you win this fight.

At the end of your program, you will enjoy a better life free of drugs and alcohol. You will have also developed the mental and emotional tools needed to embrace and enjoy lasting sobriety.

About Summit Behavioral Health in Union, NJ

Summit Behavioral Health Rehab Center is part of a group of addiction treatment facilities in the Northeastern United States called Delphi Behavioral Health Group. In New Jersey, Summit Behavioral Health has facilities located in Princeton Junction, Union, and Florham Park. These convenient locations make their treatment centers close. It also positions them to efficiently care for the specific needs of those who need help. Without any doubt, their facilities and treatment model is designed to provide help to those in need, no matter their physical location.

Summit Behavioral Health specializes in providing the best available care in outpatient treatment. The outpatient program is developed to help people recovering from addiction get help and still function in their normal lives. This is what separates Summit Behavioral Health from similar treatment centers.

Why Summit Behavioral Health?

Addiction is a chronic disease that requires lifelong attention. Without support, many people who come out of rehab soon find themselves resorting to drugs. Not only does this undo most of the progress one has made during rehab, but it may also damage the individual’s confidence to seek help.

You will always need support to prevent potential relapse down the line. Professionals at Summit Behavioral Health will provide the necessary resources to keep you connected to the recovery community during and after treatment. If you do relapse, you can always find help at Summit Behavioral Health; their team understands the unique struggles of addiction.

The goal of the team at Summit Behavioral Health Treatment Center is to maintain the foundation of addiction recovery and build on it. They will also help you at every stage to improve the quality of your life. Despite their success, Summit Behavioral Health is always improving on their services. They utilize an integrative treatment approach that is based on the most reliable clinical practices. They also use and evidence-based strategies in addiction treatment, which are always evolving.

If you or a loved one need help to navigate life during and after rehab, Summit Behavioral Health is the perfect fit for you.

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