Who is Juice WRLD?

Juice WRLD (real name: Jarad Anthony Higgins) was an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Chicago. He was best known for his hit song titled “Lucid Dream”, which reached the number two position on the Billboard Hot 100. Aside from an otherwise stellar music career, Juice WRLD is well-known for several other reasons. One of these is his history of drug usage, which began at an early age.

Juice WRLD was also reported as coping with anxiety and depression since he was younger, indicating that he most likely suffered from a co-addiction.

What Were The Causes of Juice WRLD’s Death? 

Upon his sudden death after landing at an airport in Chicago in December of 2019, it was suspected that Juice WRLD had experienced convulsions and seizures due to an opioid overdose. Afterward, the medical examiner in charge reported that Juice WRLD had died due to toxic levels of oxycodone and codeine present in his system.

Some members of his management team aboard the flight later reported that Juice WRLD had allegedly swallowed several unknown pills, including Percocet pills, to hide them when cops raided. The Police had earlier been given a tip informing them that Juice WRLD’s plane was carrying guns and drugs. Over 30kg of marijuana and three handguns were eventually recovered from the aircraft.

Did Juice WRLD Overdose on Percocet?

What are Percocet Pills?

The brand name Percocet is given to a drug combination of oxycodone and paracetamol, which is used to treat moderate to severe short-term pain. Oxycodone, being an opioid, works to suppress pain receptors in the brain to induce analgesia or non-feeling of pain. Paracetamol (acetaminophen) also acts to reduce pain and treat fever. However, this drug combination is highly likely to evoke dependence.

Therefore, Percocet must be taken as per a licensed physician’s prescription. Also, tablets must not be shared with others and should be taken only at designated intervals as much as possible. Furthermore, to prevent the risk of overdose, Percocet must never be consumed with grapefruit or grapefruit juice as this may significantly alter the effects of the drug by intensifying doses.

If an individual has to stop taking Percocet under any condition, the physician must be made aware. The reason is to minimize or efficiently handle withdrawal symptoms that result from long or heavy usage of the drug. These symptoms vary widely from nausea and runny nose to insomnia and suicidal thoughts. As such, the safest course to stop using Percocet becomes tapering off under medical detox.

How Can I Get Help for My Percocet Dependence?

With such apparent risks to dependence on Percocet, highlighting the case of Juice WRLD as an example, it becomes imperative to receive comprehensive care for all types of substance addiction. For Juice WRLD, although he was vocal about his drug use experience, inadequate rehabilitation could be pointed out as a cause of his sudden death. Having a dual diagnosis did not help matters either, as this only served to compound an existing issue.

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